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Vision and Values

West Ulverstone Primary School has learning at the centre of everything we do in a culture of kindness. Everyone feels welcomed and respected. We have an innovative learning environment with strong leadership that recognises need and implements purposeful change. We make decisions that are based on improving student outcomes and ensuring that the student remains the focus. We provide opportunities for growth for children and their parents, building families’ capacity to support their child’s learning.

We strongly believe that every child is an individual who can learn and are supported by a clear understanding of the factors that can impact on this. We pride ourselves on our inclusive, engaging learning environment where happiness, laughter and fun are evident. We place a strong emphasis on developing the functional literacy and numeracy skills of everyone by providing quality tasks that build on strengths and interests in flexible environments.

We are aspirational and expect our learners to achieve their best. Essential to this are positive relationships in a safe environment where the school community feels valued. Respect and trust between staff and parents creates the foundation for optimal decisions to be made for our learners. Staff go the extra mile providing genuine care focused on the child’s wellbeing.

Children leave West Ulverstone Primary School as connected, resilient, capable and curious thinkers who can contribute positively to society. Their ability to problem solve and make choices, and a thirst for learning continues with them throughout their lives.

Visions and Values