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About Our School


Our motto…
Learn to Contribute ~ Contribute to Learn’


At West Ulverstone Primary we take great pride in our school. We have built a positive school culture based on our school values of respect, learning, relationships, responsibility and safety. Our values are embedded in all we do; how we play, work and communicate with each other.

Respect: Treating others how you would like to be treated, talking and playing nicely, thinking of others’ feelings and accepting the differences of others.
Learning: Gaining knowledge and skills, staying on task, persevering, listening, managing distractions and striving for excellence.
Relationships: Caring for others, making yourself and others feel good, being kind to all and cooperating with others in a positive and trustworthy manner.
Responsibility: Being on time, owning up to mistakes, taking control of ourBeing on time, owning up to mistakes, taking control of our actions and looking after  
                        personal and school property.personal and school property.
Safety: Feeling happy, comfortable and secure, playing by the rules, hands off feet off, speaking in a friendly way, helping others and asking adults to help solve 

Our School:

Our school, located on 5 hectares of extensive well maintained sporting fields, play grounds and gardens offers a primary education - from Kindergarten to Grade 6 (ages 4 – 12 years) and Launching into Learning Programs from birth – 4 years.  Our facilities are well maintained and resourced to meet the needs of today’s students.
Our staff comprises of an excellent team of well-qualified, highly professional Teachers and Support Staff, (including Speech Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Teacher Assistants, Education Facility Attendants and Administrative Staff).
West Ulverstone Primary School is committed to the goal that every student has the opportunity to achieve his or her full  potential. The Staff are dedicated, highly motivated and committed to making a positive difference in children's lives;  encouraging academic, moral, social and physical development within a caring, sharing and supportive environment. 
We value positive partnerships with families, parents and community; working together to provide educational opportunities that enable all students to achieve personal excellence in all their learning. 
Our Early Connections program provides extensive opportunities for birth to 4 children in our community through developmentally appropriate learning opportunities and parent/family networks.
There are many and varied opportunities for parents to be involved with their child’s learning, some are detailed later in this handbook and further information is available from school staff.